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Many of the clients that C+C serves operate in arenas that involve highly technical factual circumstances and ever changing and complex state and federal laws, which means that judges at the trial level do not always get things right the first time around, and, even when they do, an opposing party will attempt to win a different result on appeal. The appellate attorneys of C+C have a strong record of success in navigating state and federal appellate courts on behalf of our clients, whether our firm represented such parties at trial or the clients have come to us to pick up where another firm left off.

Our attorneys have represented a wide variety of both public and private entities across industries in pursuing and/or defending against appeals in the California appellate courts, including the California Supreme Court, as well in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and petitioning to the U.S Supreme Court.


In many cases, our appellate attorneys are called upon to represent clients after we have already won significant victories on their behalf at the trial, often through successful dismissals, granted motions for summary judgment, and verdicts in our favor, and our attorneys have achieved remarkably consistent results in having those victories upheld on appeal.

C+C is also frequently retained by clients who have worked with another firm at the trial level and not achieved their intended outcome due to an inaccurate ruling or other error. In such cases, our appellate attorneys will scour the trial record for appealable error, and aggressively litigate on our clients’ behalf to the highest state or federal authority in pursuit of a proper resolution.

From its inception, C+C always prided itself on successfully solving problems for our clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.


The attorneys of C+C are seasoned courtroom litigators and advisors whose only mission is delivering winning results for our clients. Contact our offices today to connect with an experienced attorney regarding how C+C can serve your needs.


The attorneys of C+C serve their clients from offices throughout California and Nevada.