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General Business Litigation

Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes

Contractual relationships, obligations, and rights are core concerns for businesses across industries. The general business litigation attorneys at C+C have a wealth of experience in providing sophisticated legal analysis and representation on behalf of businesses in negotiating contracts, understanding their rights and obligations, and litigating contractual disputes.

Our attorneys have provided counsel to a wide variety of clients in negotiating and drafting complex contracts, from service contracts to real estate transactions to acquisition deals. As both transactional and litigation attorneys, we have a deep understanding of the potential risks and rewards involved in such matters, and steer our clients toward favorable agreements.

When contractual disputes and questions arise, our attorneys are frequently called upon by clients to assess their rights and obligations pursuant to such actions, and to strategize and execute dispute resolution strategies in our clients’ favor. This can include anything from negotiation or mediation to arbitration or litigation in the state and federal courts.

The broad array of contract disputes our attorneys litigate those arising from joint venture, corporate and partnership disputes and dissolution, vendor and supplier agreements, real estate transactions, professional service agreements, development ownership, and title disputes to construction designs, construction management disagreements, and resolutions.

From its inception, C+C always prided itself on successfully solving problems for our clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.


The attorneys of C+C are seasoned courtroom litigators and advisors whose only mission is delivering winning results for our clients. Contact our offices today to connect with an experienced attorney regarding how C+C can serve your needs.


The attorneys of C+C serve their clients from offices throughout the State of California.