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Professional Liability

Architects and Engineers

Architects and Engineers

Architects and engineers are the invaluable drivers of innovation, organization, and expertise in how our buildings, neighborhoods, and cities are built. They also face unique litigation and liability challenges, and the professional liability attorneys of C+C have a wealth of experience in successfully asserting and defending litigation claims on their behalf.

Our professional liability attorneys have fought for and defended architects and engineers in a wide variety of disputes across the state of California. These include construction defect claims often involving nine-figure demands, negligence claims for personal injury, breach of contract and delay claims, and state administrative and compliance disputes, among others.

In addition to representing architects and engineers, our attorneys also frequently advise and advocate for other professionals in the planning and development arena, including construction companies, land surveyors, geologists, and others. Furthermore, we work with clients not just in disputes but also in negotiating service contracts, acquisition agreements, and other contracts.

Given the complex technical aspects of architecture, engineering, and other facets of real estate development – and our long record of achievement in obtaining successful jury verdicts, dispositive courtroom outcomes, and settlements for our clients – we have the ability to provide stellar service to all property-related professional clients both domestically and internationally.

From its inception, C+C always prided itself on successfully solving problems for our clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.


The attorneys of C+C are seasoned courtroom litigators and advisors whose only mission is delivering winning results for our clients. Contact our offices today to connect with an experienced attorney regarding how C+C can serve your needs.


The attorneys of C+C serve their clients from offices throughout the State of California.