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The vast majority of civil cases in the United States settle or are dismissed without ever going to trial. There are good reasons for this – in many situations parties are able to reach a fair resolution without the need for trial – but it is also the case that many attorneys simply do not have the resources or experience to approach trial confidently, efficiently, and, most importantly, with the skills to win. At C+C, we take great pride in our decades-long track record of preparing for every case as if we were going to trial, and, when we do go to trial, achieving cost-effective verdicts and other trial resolutions for our clients.

With over five decades of experience in litigating disputes, C+C regularly asserts and defends against claims on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants across industries and practice areas, in state and federal jury and bench trials, as well as in mediations, arbitrations, and other alternative dispute resolution forums.


While great litigators abound at law firms both large and small, few firms have the ability of C+C to take on cases of all magnitudes while at the same incorporating focused and innovative litigation strategies that win results without breaking the bank. Because our attorneys regularly litigate all manners of disputes before judges and juries, we know how to win with ingenuity, not overkill.

Ultimately, the outcomes of trials are in the hands of judges and/or juries, a fact which can lead to great uncertainty and stress for professionals and organization in the midst of high-stakes, fact-intensive litigation. The trial attorneys of C+C, however, have a wealth of experience and record of success in communicating our clients’ interests and rights to judges and juries that few firms can claim.

From its inception, C+C always prided itself on successfully solving problems for our clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.


The attorneys of C+C are seasoned courtroom litigators and advisors whose only mission is delivering winning results for our clients. Contact our offices today to connect with an experienced attorney regarding how C+C can serve your needs.


The attorneys of C+C serve their clients from offices throughout the State of California.