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General Casualty Litigation


While some firms practicing in the area of general casualty litigation exclusively attract plaintiffs and others primarily negotiate settlements on behalf of defendants, C+C has built a reputation as a firm whose attorneys are retained by plaintiffs and defendants alike in the most complex, high-stakes casualty litigation matters. We have earned the respect of our clients, our peers in both the plaintiffs’ and defense bar, and state and federal benches based on our decades of experience in honing traditional courtroom skills combined with our ability to understand and litigate the most complex technical matters.

Representing plaintiffs and defendants in all manners of casualty litigation – including automobile and other vehicular accidents, construction liability lawsuits, and owner/premise liability actions – our attorneys pursue cost-effective, winning outcomes for our clients through comprehensive factual investigation and relentless courtroom lawyering.


C+C is retained by a wide variety of clients in complex casualty litigation matters due in part to our long experience in successfully representing parties on all sides of such claims, including not just injured victims and other primary participants in an accident, but also insurers, engineers, construction firms, and public employees and entities, among many others.

Our clients trust us with the largest and most challenging casualty litigation matters, because they know our attorneys have the experience and skills to do whatever it takes to pursue aggressive litigation strategies at trial as well as the practical sensitivity to client resources to reach cost-effective outcomes. Click on a practice area above to learn more about our work in automotive, construction, and owner liability casualty litigation.

From its inception, C+C always prided itself on successfully solving problems for our clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.


The attorneys of C+C are seasoned courtroom litigators and advisors whose only mission is delivering winning results for our clients. Contact our offices today to connect with an experienced attorney regarding how C+C can serve your needs.


The attorneys of C+C serve their clients from offices throughout California and Nevada.