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Owner Liability

Businesses and property owners of all sizes across the state of California face tremendous financial consequences when plaintiffs bring premise/landowner liability claims. The casualty litigation attorneys of C+C have decades of experience in defending parties in owner liability matters, assessing exposure, and working towards cost-effective, favorable outcomes.

Significant owner liability arises in a multitude of circumstances, including premise liability for dangerous conditions (e.g. trip and fall), workplace and construction accidents, negligent security for criminal acts, vehicular accidents, and injuries and property damage related to earthquakes, floods, hazardous materials, and fires/explosions, among others.

The trial attorneys of C+C provide bold, aggressive representation to defendants in all such owner liability disputes, representing a wide variety of parties, including retail stores, corporations, commercial landowners, developers, architects, construction firms, apartment and building management companies, homeowners associations, and others facing owner liability.

When the potential for an owner liability lawsuit, third party claim, or other threat of liability arises, we immediately step into action to assess our client’s exposure, obligations, and rights (including indemnification) and take decisive steps to pursue our clients’ best possible outcome, including negotiation towards favorable settlement, dismissal, judgment, or defense verdict.

From its inception, C+C always prided itself on successfully solving problems for our clients in an expeditious and cost effective manner.


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