Megan K. Lieber


Megan Lieber is a trial attorney in the firm’s Walnut Creek office. Ms. Lieber’s litigation practice focuses on public entity liability, civil rights, professional liability, construction law, general casualty and business litigation, employment law, and insurance coverage. She has represented public entities in civil rights and child abuse cases. In employment law, she has handled wage and hour violations, wrongful termination, and disability discrimination. She has also represented design professionals in all areas of their practice, including professional liability and contract claims. Ms. Lieber is active in several professional organizations, including the San Diego chapters of PARMA and RIMS.

Ms. Lieber received her Juris Doctor from Gonzaga University School of Law and her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University.


Motion to Dismiss Granted Without Leave to Amend in Federal Court: Ms. Lieber represented an attorney sued for malpractice by a former client in connection with an underlying bankruptcy filing. Ms. Lieber successfully argued a motion to dismiss on the grounds that that the claim was barred by the one-year statute of limitations. The court granted the motion without leave to amend finding the plaintiff was estopped from asserting the claim was tolled due to his failure to disclose the potential malpractice claim to the bankruptcy trustee.

Motion for Summary Judgment Granted for Public Entity Client: Ms. Lieber represented the DCFS and individual social workers in a matter where a parent alleged First Amendment and civil rights violations stemming from a child abuse investigation. Ms. Lieber successfully argued a motion for summary judgment, disposed of the entire action, and was awarded costs for her clients.

Successfully Negotiated a Dismissal on Behalf of Attorney Client: Ms. Lieber represented an attorney being sued for malpractice by the attorney’s former client. Ms. Lieber successfully negotiated the dismissal of the action with prejudice while a motion for summary judgment against the plaintiff was pending.

Terminating Sanctions Granted in Favor of Civil Engineer Client: Ms. Lieber represented a civil engineer in a wrongful termination action brought by a former employee based on the employee’s disability. Ms. Lieber was able to obtain terminating sanctions for the entire matter based on the plaintiff’s failure to comply with discovery requirements.

Successful Negotiation of Nominal Settlement Before Litigation on Behalf of Architect: Ms. Lieber represented an architect implicated in a construction defect action at an upscale condominium project. Ms. Lieber was able to negotiate a nominal settlement favorable to her client before the start of litigation.

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